Thursday, July 31, 2008

Staying Put

The doctor and nurse practitioner just came and talked to me.
It could be one of three things, or possibly a combination of them. I’ll start with the worst case scenario and end with the simple explanation.

Possibily #1: She is developing sepsis. This is a highly dangerous infection in the blood stream. She may not be strong enough to fight it. This has been one of my greatest fears for the last couple of weeks.

Last night the main lumen on her broviac broke. They were able to replace it immediately, but are worried that it could have introduced something into the line. So far we have nothing confirming this. All of her blood cultures are still coming back negative. But, she has had a fever for two days straight and her heart rate has been as high as 215 (it stayed there for a couple of hours). This poses another problem. Now that she has single ventricle anatomy (left ventricle function only), having her heart rate that high for a long period of time is going to wear her out. She’s still VERY fragile, and might not be strong enough to continue at this rate.

They started her on an IV antibiotic tonight just in case. They would rather prevent something than let it get out of hand.

Possibility #2: She is having withdrawl symptoms from the weaning of her pain/sedation medications. This could cause a fever, her super poopy diapers, and her elevated heart rate. We tried giving her extra morphine yesterday, but it didn’t really seem to help her for longer than half an hour, and it didn’t really bring down her heart rate. They just gave her morphine tonight and so far her heart rate has dropped from 205 to 178. Still high, but at least it’s a little bit better. Part of the increased heart rate is the fever, so hopefully if the fever goes away, her heart rate should get back to her baseline (in the 150’s).

Possibility #3: She’s dried out from too much diuretics. They gave her some extra fluids earlier today and skipped her afternoon Bumex. They also got rid of her Diruel yesterday. They aren’t sure if this is contributing to the fever, but it could be contributing to the heart rate.

Good news is that she’s not as irritable as she was yesterday and earlier this morning. Bad news is that going home has been put on hold indefinately.

Once again, we are doing things in Elaina time. Turtle steps.....

(I think she’s just a diva and wants all the attention from the sweet nurses and doctors!)


Mami Adame said...

I'm so sorry Hollie! I know it's no consolation but its happened to all of us! I got to the point where I would not tell a soul, until we were packing up the day of discharge! Keep your chin up! Prayers and Happy thoughts coming from the Adame family!
P.S. Hope Elaina starts feeling super better really fast!

ssbiasutti said...

I left at 11:45 and her rate was 183. The nurse said she had just woken up but would fall back to sleep very soon. Elaina and I had a heart to heart and I told her that mommy and Ben need her so she needs to feel better ASAP!!! When I left she looked comfortable and was slowly falling back to sleep. Please let me know if there is anything at all that I can do to help.
hugs, Sara

Colin's Blog said...

So sorry for yet another setback!! Colin has had fevers on and off for 4 months since leaving the hospital and I think it's due to him being dry and all of the diuretics he's on. Hopefully, it's just the combination of the fever and being too dry. Also-drug withdrawal is terrible and causes all sorts of problems for these little ones.

Praying for no sepsis and that this fever is cleared up really soon.

Melanie & Colin

Mimi said...

That fast of a heart rate sounds super scary. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

The Portas said...

That high heart rate stuff is scary for us parents. I remember Elijah's HR getting into the 215 range after his last surgery and freaking out about it. Poor little thing is working so hard!

I'm praying HARD for a simple explanation for all of this and that she is feeling better and you all can get home soon. You've been through so much! NO SEPSIS! We won't receive that!

Sending you giant hugs.xoxoxo

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

Oh Hollie,

I was hoping to see a post about being home! The doctors in the NICU told us Nathan could go home on the 15th of February. He didn't come home until March 22nd. I got to the point where I wouldn't tell anybody anything about what the plans were for Nathan. I can understand the feelings of frustration and also being scared. I pray that Elaina doesn't have sepsis.... that is the LAST thing she needs going on with her body. With fast Sunday coming up this weekend, she will be the center of our prayers and fasting again (you can never get too much of that!). We love you!


Stephanie & Nathan

Valerie said...

I'm sorry to hear you won't be getting her home, but Turtlebug knows best! Maybe she just needs a little more time with the doctors before heading home. Maybe she's trying to come home when I get there! :)

Keep your chin up, prayers are with you.
Love, Val

Vaeh's Blog said...

I agree with Megan that we won't receive the sepsis as an explanation. We're praying that they find an easily taken care of reason & can treat it fast. Then they can get back to planning her discharge.

She probably did just want a little extra attention... maybe its attention withdrawl:0)

Yellow Nunu said...

I don't even know you, but I will pray and keep my fingers crossed for you and your family! From: Yellow Nunu( i don't want to uncover my name!)

Gourley Family said...

I was so hoping to sign on tonight and find you guys home. I am sorry and am sorry poor sweet Elaina is sick. Our niece Gracie is having a tough spell. We do not know what will happen, but are just praying that things will work out. Hang in there.
Heart Hugs,