Wednesday, July 16, 2008


She did it!!!!  She was extubated at 2:30 on Tuesday afternoon!  She's on c-pap, but her stats (heart rate in the 140's, respiratory rate in the 30's and saturations in the low 70's) are all very good.  They've been checking her blood gases frequently and they are also looking good, so it seems like she's tolerating the extubation well.  I am so proud of my little turtlebug!  She is so amazingly strong and beautiful.  I just can't get enough of her.  The one and only down side of the whole day was that I woke up with the stomach flu and couldn't go to the hospital to be with her.  It's killing me to not be able to be there with her right now!!  I'm still feeling a little bit queasy this morning, and since I'd rather not risk getting her sick, I'm staying away again today.  Of course Ben feels like he's won the lottery with all the extra Mommy time, so I guess it's not all bad.  My Mom and Dad were able to go in for a little while yesterday to see Elaina and they told me that she looked great.  She doesn't like the c-pap attachment in her nose, but otherwise she's looking good.  My Dad said that she looks more pink than she has in weeks, and that while her foot still doesn't look normal, it looks MUCH better than it has in a long time.

Well, I just had to let everyone know how well the extubation has gone so far, I'm going to go lay back down and get myself better so that I can go and see my precious little girl tomorrow!


Anderson Family said...

What EXCITING news!! I'm so happy shes doing so well now. We have prayed so much for you little family. :)
Sorry you are not feeling well. Its good your not going to be around her to give her that yucky bug. Hoipe you feel better soon!

Way to go Elaina, way to take your turtle steps.

Heart Hugs

Melynda and Mariska

Megz said...

What an amazing miracle! That's so great to hear! I hope you feel better soon and get to go see her! Would be great to see pictures of her minuse the breathing tube, she must look wonderful!

carolyn q said...

Good going Elaina. Oh, what a little princess warrior you are. . .keep fighting.
I am so sorry that you are sick. . .I do hope that you get feeling better real soon. I hope you are able to get some rest and recoup so you can be with her very soon.

Vanessa said...

Way to go Elaina! I'm SO proud of you baby girl. Hollie, I'm sorry your not feeling well. It's better to stay away even though you so badly want to be there. You'll have to post some new pictures when you get back to the hospital. I can't wait to tell Robert about Elaina when he gets home!!!!

Heather said...

Whoooohooooooo! You go Elaina!! I'm so happy to hear the good news! Poor thing will have a sore throat for a while, but I'm so glad that she's strong enough to be extubated. Will you update us on her infection that you mentioned a few posts back? You guys are in our prayers and thoughts.


Auntie Liz said...

I am so proud of Elaina today. She is a warrior and every minute of her life is a miracle. You know I would be at her side every moment of the day if I could. Take care of yourself; I'm sure the worry and stress of this past week has taken quite a toll on you, but this good news gives you the freedom to rest and relax for a bit. Be well!
[[[[Hugs]]]] Liz

Vaeh's Blog said...

Yea, Elaina!!! I'm so excited for you all right now! Its so amazing to see them without that silly tube in the mouth (? - or nose?)! Her stats sound pretty good for a little girl that's been through so much! She's only taking steps toward the finish line - being home - now!

Still praying that she continues to improve & astound all the docs & nurses! Way to go Elaina!

Big Hugs !

Tina & Vaeh:0) (Jon & Gabby, too!)

Valerie said...

What wonderful things to hear! I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but as always: take care of yourself first so you can take care of the kiddies!

Love you, and luv luv luv to the luverbugs!

Stephanie said...

Fantastic news! I hope you start feeling better so you can enjoy Elaina even more.

Vanessa said...

Hollie, I set Arianna's blog up as private and I don't have your email address to send you an invite. If you want you can email me at and I will send an invite.

Mike & Rebecca said...

We went to the hospital to visit with you and see Elaina wed. afternoon...I hope you start feeling better soon. Great News!!!

Mike & Family

Caden said...

That's such wonderful news! I love to hear about such amazing strides in the right direction. Keep them coming Elaina!


The Portas said...

AMAZING news! Wow, I can't believe the miracles being shown through your little girl. I'm sooo very happy things are heading in the right direction. Now, get better so you can go love on that little girl! xoxo

Djinni said...

Awesome! I am glad to hear she is finally extubated. I am thankful it has been God's will that she is improving so much. I'll hope and prayyou get over this flu bug and Elaina doesn't catch it. Take Care of yourself and get better. Love, Djinni

Gourley Family said...