Sunday, July 27, 2008

Isaac Brimley

One of the most valiant heart hero's I've ever been privledged to meet passed away on Saturday night. Isaac was born 10 days before Elaina (New Year's Day 2008) with HLHS. His struggle was a long, and difficult one. He was only able to spend 9 days at home with his family, the rest of his life was spent in the hospital. Most of the time was in the PICU. His parents have become close friends to me and my heart is just broken for them right now. Isaac had been working on going home, in fact he was extubated the same day as Elaina. From what I understand from Jessica (his Mom) he aspirated after some medication was given through his NJ this afternoon, and they weren't able to clear his lungs. His family has a blog as well as a Care Page. Please keep this family in your prayers. They are amazing. Isaac, I will never forget you!



Anderson Family said...

My heart is very heavy with reading about Issac's passing. I feel very blessed to know that he is at peace and can now rest after being so strong on his test here on earth.

Heart Hugs
Melynda, Sam, & Mariska

Gourley Family said...

Our hearts mourn and our eyes are full of tears at the loss of sweet and valiant Isaac. I too have felt the privilege to have known him.
Heart hugs,
Emily and Mike