Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Picture is worth a Thousand words

I don't have a lot of time, so I'm just dumping pictures on right now. I'll go back tonight and give a little more info on each picture, so just watch for this post to be updated. Elaina is doing SO great. I lost track of time because I got to hold her and kiss on her today and now I'm out of time!
I feel so blessed and am in constant awe of the miracles in our lives!


Auntie Liz said...

What a joy to see her beautiful eyes gazing about. :) Dare I say she looks happy? She certainly looks so much less miserable than the last time I saw her. Her foot looks GORGEOUS! Again, considering how sad it was 10 days ago, I just want to kiss it. :) What a miraculous development. xoxoxoxo

Vaeh's Blog said...

She looks so good looking around & aware of what's going on. Soon she'll have a big smile for Mommy! Glad to hear that she's doing so well - and that foot looks pretty good!

Lots of hugs,
Tina & Vaeh:0) (Jon & Gabby, too!)

Amber said...

It is soooo good to "see" her!!! What an absolute miracle...A little tear came to my eye as you spoke of being in awe...God is so good!!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

She looks beautiful!!! ALthough...could they have put anymore holes in her...GEEZ???
Don't worry...those scars fade fast. It's been 8 months since Isaac's surgery and you can barely see his big scar and those little tube scars.
She looks like she's ready to pull that cpap out of her nose though...they better watch out!!!
Thanks for the pics!!!!

The Portas said...

She is beautiful! And yaaayyy, so glad you got to hold your baby girl. Looking forward to a more detailed update.

Hopefully you can ditch the cpap soon!! xoxo

Megz said...

How wonderful to see her looking so much better! What a trooper. She looks awesome, Hollie, you must be beside yourself right now!

MAYBERRY said...

Such a happy post. I am so glad she is doing better. Heavenly Father is watching over you.
-Carolyn H. (mom to Ashton, HRHS, dextrocardia, etc.)

ssbiasutti said...

Oh Hollie!!! She looks so good!!! I am amazed at her little foot. She truly is the miracle baby! I am so happy for you. Keep it up, Elaina! So many people are cheering for you!
Love, Sara

carolyn q said...

Love the Pics and that you were feeling better so you could be there to cuddle her.
What an amazing little spirit and a mom that is equally amazing!
Keep up the great work :0)

Heart Hugs,

Isabella said...

Precious. What a little miracle baby.
Thinking of you and praying for you always

Caden said...

She looks amazing... especially that leg and foot! In the full body pictures, I can't see any discoloration at all! Such a wonderful thing to read about this morning. You made my day!


Mimi said...

she definitely has personality!