Saturday, July 19, 2008

High Flow and more pics

Okay, so I am turning into the slacker queen when it comes to updating this week! I honestly have just been catching up on Ben time, and didn't want to abandon him for the computer. Besides, I only have dial up internet at my Grandma's and I'm spoiled by the hi-speed wireless at the hospital and my hi-speed at home. It takes SO much longer to do things with dial-up.

So, here's the scoop. As of today, she's off the cpap and onto the high flow! They told me that she may need to have the cpap at night, so they haven't moved the machine away from the bed, but for now she's doing great on the high flow! She's still on a lot of oxygen. It's an 8 liter flow with the O2 set at 60%. Her saturations have been in the low 70's. Pretty good! We need to get her flow down, but we still have time and she is improving daily. Her leg is just fantastic! It's got the color back and is warm to the touch. The nurses are able to feel the pulse in her foot now! WooHoo! The pus oozing from her broviac insertion didn't have any discernable bacteria when they cultured it, they are treating her with antibiotics to be on the safe side, but it looked really good when they changed the dressing yesterday. The most worrisome thing at the moment is the owie in her groin. This is the spot where the arterial line was. The scab came off last weekend, but it isn't healing well. Part of the problem is that it's right in her diaper area. The bandages keep getting compromised every time she fills her pants. Her nurses are pretty worried about it, especially since she's still having fevers. Her nurse today told me that she can actually see the broviac in the open sore. This is troubling because the broviac was inserted mid thigh, and this sore is in her groin. They are worried that it will become septic and that her body wouldn't be able to fight off the infection. It would be pretty upsetting if she died from a stupid infection from an art line...... SO, they are going to address it more in rounds on Sunday, but it probably won't get the proper attention until Monday. Aren't weekends fun....
Anyway, we got moved out of our nice little sanctuary in the back corner of the PICU. Now that Elaina is doing so much better, she's been put in a shared room so that 1 nurse can care for 2 children. I have mixed feelings about this. I'm glad that she's doing so much better, but I really loved the privacy and seclusion (not to mention quiet) of our private room in the back. Oh well. C'est la vie!

So, here are some more pictures from yesterday and today! She is looking so good. She has her own version of "pink" though. That is, she looks pink until you compare her to someone who really is. What a cutie though!

"Wow, handlebars!" She's just holding on to her cpap and sleeping away!

Physical therapy getting her used to sitting more upright. This is where you get to see her version of pink, compared to the nurses skin color. She doesn't look very pink in this picture, but her sats were in the 70's.....

Nice and comfortable! She was supposed to "sit up" for 30 minutes, but lasted an hour and got in a good nap too!

Liking the high flow! She's 'almost' ready to smile for me. I tried super hard to get one out of her, but with no luck. Doesn't she look great?!?!?!?!!

Ready to sleep the night away! Mom held her and played with her for over an hour and she's exhausted!


Mike & Rebecca said...

I'm glad to hear that she is still making progress in her recovery. Slow and easy!

Mike & family

Vaeh's Blog said...

She looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! So much btter with the high flow cannula vs. the CPAP - you can see her little face more clearly! Even next to the 'pink' nurses, she does look good!

Praying that she continues to astound them with her recovery(including the sore in her groin)!

Auntie Liz said...

Looking good! I love that 2nd-to-last picture, she's really starting to look like herself again.

Do you think they'll have to re-catheterize her to keep that sore dry long enough to heal? Or is that not the issue?

Glad to hear she graduated to a shared room! In time, she'll be out of the PICU altogether!

Hugs & Kisses, Liz

Gourley Family said...

Yeah! I am sad that you are no longer next to Gracie, but happy that things are going so well! I will maybe be up tomorrow so I will stop by and say hi!
Heart hugs,

Valerie said...

Wow, Hollie, she just looks so great! I'm so glad to see her off all that machinery! You would not believe how anxious I am to get home and hold her! And YOU!

Miss you like crazy,

Vanessa said...

She looks amazing! And yes...her own version of pink.

I hope they get the boviac line situation under control. It seems weird that the nurse would be able to see the line near her groin.

I'm so happy she is on hte high flow cannula and not the CPAP. That thing just looks uncomfortable. I think its great that PT is coming in and getting her sitting up more. It's so hard when these kids have been on their backs for so long.

Elaina is always amazing me and I am so proud of her! Give her some love from me please! ((HUGS))

Cecilia said...

HI! I'm an on-line doula friend of Liz's and have been lurking for a while, but wanted to tell you that your daughter is such a fighter. I worked in the NICU for many years as a social worker and I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is to be there as a parent. Blessings to your family, you have a true little miracle!

Caden said...

She looks just beautiful!