Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another Precious Day

Elaina had a pretty good day today, all things considered. Her blood gases have stayed in the same good range as yesterday, so once again I am encouraged. They are weaning her vent settings again, but very slowly. They haven't even talked about weaning her nitric, so I have no idea what the big plan is. There was one discouraging part of the day today. Elaina's left foot is still really dusky. This is a direct result of the art line that was put in her femoral artery and then the broviac that is in her femoral vein. Radiology came today and did an ultrasound, and they were unable to locate the artery below mid-thigh. They also were not able to distinguish any of the "normal" veins in her lower leg. They told me that they could hear a faint pulse behind her knee, but that's it. Now, it is possible for her to grow collaterals in her leg and for the blood flow to return to her foot. BUT if this does not happen, and if Elaina continues to progress in all other areas, they told me that we may have to amputate her foot. I am still in shock. The hard part is that this is really a life over limb decision. I'd rather have the broviac in her leg than in her Glen, so I truly feel that I made the only decision I possibly could. With her access as impossible as it is, she needs to have the broviac to maintain her life. Even if I had them take out the broviac (if there was another option for access) the damage has already been done. So, now I'm praying for collaterals and clots! Just in the opposite parts of her body that they already are!!! Clots in the coiled collateral and collaterals in the clotted artery and veins! Oh well. Her life is so precious to me. She was SO cute today. She's completely off the paralytics now and she spent her morning wide eyed and content. She still isn't parting with any of her sweet smiles, but just to see her big brown eyes is worth every second of my time. I ended my night by holding her for 3 1/2 hours. What a precious, precious day.


Mike & Rebecca said...
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Mike & Rebecca said...

I'm happy Elaina opened her eyes and you were able to hold her today. Thanks for letting me be a part of your blessings, I guess my timing was right. I wish I could have talked with you a little but I saw you had family there wanting to visit with you and Elaina. You have an amazing dad and family. Stay strong in your faith and belief that Elaina is in the best hands possible.

Thoughts & Prayers,
Mike & Family

Vaeh's Blog said...

Oh, Hollie. What an inspiration you are to stay so strong during this extremely difficult time! Your kids are blessed to have such a wonderful Mommy!!

I can't even imagine having to face the problems with Elaina's little foot on top of everything else, but from your post you have a good handle on things.

We're still praying every day for you, Ben & little Elaina! There can never be too many prayers!

Lots of love & hugs!
Tina & Vaeh:0) (Jon & Gabby, too!)

carolyn q said...

WOW, even with all the news you were given with her foot/leg I am so glad that you were able to hold her today. That alone seems like a miracle with all that she has been going through and very much needed for you!
Keep looking for the silver linings because I do believe in miracles and Elaina still has much to do in her life to accomplish.

Isabella said...

It breaks my heart about her foot, but I know that our God is a healing God and a miracle worker. I know that he can heal her from head to toe. I check your blog like 100 times a day and I feel so much love towards you and Elaina just through your posts. Know that you are in our constant prayers.

Amber said...

So glad you were able to see her beautiful eyes again!!!! I am praying that she grows stronger daily and specifically for all of the clots and "freeing" to be in all the right places!