Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quick Bedtime Update

Well, I think that Elaina is on her way to proving the medical staff wrong! Ahhh, the power of prayer and faith are remarkable!!! Elaina had another very good day today. She started weaning off of the nitric today, her ventilator settings also came down. They're talking about starting her on some spontaneous trials tomorrow, so we could be off the ventilator by the end of next week if all goes well! She's still on antibiotics for her pneumonia, but she's done with her C-Diff, so it's looking very good. Even her foot is looking a little bit more pink today than it was a few days ago. I'm feeling so encouraged by her improvements!
I got to help give her a very good bath tonight and then rocked her to sleep and held her for a couple of hours. She got weighed today as well, she's up to 11 lbs 13 oz! What a big girl!
Anyway, I'm off to sleep myself. The nurses are letting me sleep on the pull out in Elaina's room. I actually think I sleep better when I'm so close to her..

Isn't amazing to see what happens when you pray for a miracle?????

Thank you all!!!!!!


Anderson Family said...

OhHHhh I'm so glad things to getting better!! She is such a tease and a fighter. After shes sadated(sp?) for something she seems to always have a hard time shaking it off. I've been praying for her and your family!

Nice to see they are letting you stay with her, about time! :)


Melynda and Mariska

Caden said...

That's wonderful news! I just knew that things were turning around. What do those doctors know anyways?!

Valerie said...

This is such wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear that things are looking up. Keep faith, Turtlebug is coming through!

Vaeh's Blog said...

What an anwesome God we have! I'm so glad to see that she's turning the corner & proving them all wrong!

I'm sure you'll be able to sleep better now being closer & with her doing so much better!

Praying that things continue to improve & she keeps astounding them!

heather said...

YEAH!!!! I'm so happy to read your update. It's so wonderful to read of the Lord's tender mercies in Elaina's and your lives. Take care!

Stephanie said...

I love it when the docs are wrong like this. You keep on believing in her and rooting for her. I will continue to pray. Praise God!

carolyn q said...

I am praying for continued improvements . .that each new day provides new wonderful news to share.
I also am grateful that you are being allowed to sleep close to her too!
Keep going Elaina. . .we are praying for you and for you too Hollie!!!
Heart Hugs,

Kelly said...

What an amazing little girl you have there! Slow improvement or just staying "status quo" are awesome days! I hope that everyday continues to be one tiny turtle step forward!

Amber said...

Fantastic! I am so excited to see this update!!!! You are in all of our thoughts and prayers....what an amazing little girl you have been given!!!
still holding you in prayer,

ssbiasutti said...

I was having a really hard day yesterday until I saw Elaina and it gave me so much hope! What a truly amazing little baby you have, and what a truly amazing mommy she has. Your love and strength are astounding. You are the strongest woman I have ever met! Keep it up Elaina, you are going to win this thing!!!!!!
Love, Sara

Kathy said...

YEAH Elaina!!!
Keep it up big girl!!! and a pink foot...what must the doctors think!?!?!

That is such wonderful news...thanks for updating us!


Such wonderful news! Amen!

Colin's Blog said...

Fantastic news!! Go Elaina-show those docs that they do not have the final say. Praise God!!

Vanessa said...

What great news! Your a super star Elaina!!!

Anonymous said...

I found you through Rhett. (I also have a T21 son.) I have been reading and praying for you for the last few weeks. I'm so glad that things are looking up. I hope things continue to go well. Prayers for your little guy also. It must be so hard for him.:(


Megz said...

Oh Hollie! This just warms my heart to read good news! I love these turtle steps. Way to go Elaina! I'm so glad they let you stay with her, I'm sure it's doing both of you immeasurable good. You sound so much more encouraged!

More prayers to you and Elaina for continued turtle steps!!

Mimi said...

sounds good!

Djinni said...

I enjoyed seeing Elaina and visiting with you. I'll have to visit again soon. Her sweet little eyes are so unforgettable. I love the looks she gives her mommy, you can really see the love in her eyes. I will pray for her until Ben can play with her and make her laugh. Keep the faith. Love, Djinni