Thursday, June 12, 2008

Surgery Day

What a long day. Elaina was taken in for surgery at 11:30. They opened her chest at 12:30. The nurse called me a few times through the beginning of the procedure. At 3:00 everything was going well, they were warming her up to get ready to take her off the lung/heart bypass machine. She told me she'd call in an hour. At 4:00, they were cooling her back down, because the doctor didn't like the way the vein was seated on the artery and wanted to re-attach it. At 5:00, the nurse came and sat down with me. Elaina's heart is beating well, the Glenn was a success, BUT her lungs are so weak from a month of being in the hospital, that she's having a very hard time getting her oxygen needs met. So, they are giving her nitrous oxide with an oscillator to attempt to open up her airways. Elaina got back to the ICU at 6:30, and the surgeon came and talked to us a few minutes later. SO, the news is not very good. The surgery was a success from the heart standpoint. Her lungs are a different story. The pressures are very high in her lungs and she is having a very difficult time with her saturations. The surgeon left her chest open for 2 reasons. They may have to go in and put in an additional shunt to get more blood flowing to her lungs. They also have the ECMO machine (this is a portable heart and lung machine that they can have in the ICU) on standby. She is going to have a VERY difficult night. It is really touch and go at this point. I do not know what is going to happen or what her prognosis right now.
Please keep praying for her. She is very weak and very sick.
Thank you so much.


Kathy said...

my heart is just breaking for you right now. This was not the update I expected when I came to check on you.

Are YOU ok?? Do you guys need anything?? I've got her pacifier ready to ship out...ask her nurses if she can still have it while on the vent (our Isaac sucks on his while he's intubated--but, I know all hospitals are different)..

Thanks for the update...please keep us posted...
Lots of love and prayers are headed your way!!!

Vanessa said...

My heart is hurting right now after reading your update. I am praying extra hard for Elaina right now.

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

Thanks for the update. I was on the phone with your mom when the doctor's came in.

I will look at the blog again in the morning to see Elaina's update.

Our prayers are with you!

Ann and Daren Snider and family

Anderson Family said...

We prayer our hearts out that her lungs will get the oxygen they need, and that her little body will be strong.

We're praying for strength for you as well.



Vaeh's Blog said...

Oh, Hollie...
I am so heartbroken after reading your post:(

Are you all are doing okay? Its hard enough having to go through your precious baby having surgery, but to then have complications... its just not fair!

Know that we're praying for Elaina & your family. That God strengthens her little body, & gives the medical team the knowledge to do what's in her best interest. Just remember, you can't have a TESTIMONY without the TEST!

Thanks for keeping us updated! Get some rest & give our love to that little bumpkin as best you can!

Love & Heart Hugs! XOXOXOX
Tina & Vaeh:0)

Baker Family said...

I am holding you in prayer.

carolyn q said...

I was checking for an update to see how things went over during the night.
Please know your family has been on my thoughts constantly and praying for good things to come all your way.
Keep fighting Elaina.
Heart Hugs,

Auntie Liz said...

I think everyone had a rough night last night. I know I did! I'm really anxious for updates; I can't stop checking my cell phone and the blog. I hope you're all okay. Sending lots of prayers and happy thoughts.