Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day of Rest

Elaina is getting another resting day today. She did such a great job weaning on her ventilator settings yesterday, that they didn't want to push her too hard. We're aiming for Tuesday or Wednesday for getting her off the vent at this point. They might start her on some spontaneous trials tomorrow, we'll just have to wait and see how she's doing. She just spiked another fever, 39.6 (103 for the rest of us!), so she's getting some Motrin and some rest.
Not much else to update. Slow and steady! We're winning this one!


Mimi said...

no news is good news. YAY!

Valerie said...

Miss you! Glad to hear the bug is doing okay. Hope you're well too.
Loves and hugs.

Vaeh's Blog said...

Sunday is a day of rest, so seems very fitting! Its nice that they're taking it slowly with the vent weaning; less risk of having to re-intubate her:0)

Praying that you are getting some well deserved rest & time with big brother Ben!

Yes, you are winning this one!

Big hugs!

Vanessa said...

Turtle steps! I'd rather them take their time than have to reintubate her. Try to get as much rest as possible.