Friday, June 13, 2008

Post Op Day 1 AM

Elaina's night was okay. I managed to get a little sleep, but only due to pure exhaustion. I am so grateful for the parent sleeping rooms next to the PICU. It was at least comforting to know that the nurse could come get me if there were any problems.
Right now Elaina is stable. She's still on the oscillator and nitrous oxide for her lungs, but the doctors think that she doing better than expected. We just spoke with the doctors and the plan for her is to just let her "hang out" for the next 12 - 24 hours. They want to give her body some much needed rest. They are keeping her on a paralytic and sedated with Fentanyl and Versed. Her color looks better than last night, but she's still very swollen. One of the docs told me that she was on the heart/lung bypass for 220 minutes. This means that it's that much more difficult for her heart and lungs to readjust. There is some fluid in her lungs, but they are suctioning as much as they feel is safe. She isn't draining much from the chest tubes, but her nurse thinks that this is because of the oscillator. They want to get her to a regular ventilator soon, and then extubated, because kiddos with a Glenn don't do as well on a vent. So basically, she's not out of the woods, but she's not declining. They still have the blood ordered for the ECMO, but it is looking less likely that she will need to be on it. They told me that she could still crash, but she has held her own for the last 5 hours so they are feeling very optimistic.

I am SO grateful for my parents. When they heard on Wednesday that Elaina's surgery was going to be on Thursday, my Dad cancelled his classes and they packed up and drove 12 hours to be here. After driving all night, they stayed at my side all day until Elaina was settled back in the PICU. My cousin Valerie also stayed with me until midnight. Elaina's dad, Mike, was also able to come from Price to be here for the surgery. My Dad and my Uncle Don (my mom's brother) were able to give Elaina a priesthood blessing before surgery. I truly have faith that she will overcome this huge obstacle. She is such a strong spirit, and doesn't know how to give up.

Thank you all for your prayers and concern. I know that it helps to have the prayers of many. I think that I may assign Valerie to be my "keeper of the blog" when she gets here later today. Since they just want her to "hang out" for the next 12-24, I'm not sure that I'll have much more to update, but we just might post to say that she's still stable. Thanks again for all the love and support.


Auntie Liz said...

Phew! That is great news and I'm glad the docs are so optimistic. What a scary day. John and I will be in SLC tonight; can't wait to see you. Love, Liz

Vaeh's Blog said...

I'm so glad to hear that she's stable! I've been checking your blog all morning waiting for an update, so thanks!

Take each moment as they come. Dont' over think things, it only causes more headache! (I'm speaking from experience here, can ya tell?). Take time out for yourself now. Especially since she's stable & they're using the paralytic. She is basically unaware if you're not there (especially with fentanyl & versed!), so use the time to keep yourself well & rested. You're gonna need your energy for when she's better!

Praying that she is able to be weaned to a regular vent, then extubated! The tendency for these kiddos is to recover more quickly than expected here lately, so hopefully Elaina joins this club & stuns them all with her quick recovery! Stay well!

BIG Heart Hugs!
Tina & Vaeh (Jon & Gabby, too!):0)

Anderson Family said...

I'm cheering for Joy in side for Elaina! that is such wonderful news. Your right your not out of the woods yet but your on the right path to getting out. Every thing comes one thing at a time and its all on her watch.

We're thinging and sending prayers your way.


Melynda, and Mariska