Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday, weaning off the Vent

Things are moving forward! Today was spent weaning the ventilator settings, getting ready for extubation. The doctors told me that she had a really good chest x-ray today, and that if she tolerates her spontaneous trials she could be off the ventilator as early as Sunday. I'm thinking it might take a day or two longer, the nurses and Respiratory Therapists are still getting quite a bit of junk out of her lungs. She's started throwing up, which is a bit concerning to me. Feeding is probably the next big issue that we'll have to deal with, and getting her off the ventilator is the priority at the moment. So, she's also off the TPN, but still on the lipids until we can increase her calories. They're working on weaning her off one thing at a time, so everything else is the same. But we're on the road to recovery. Everyone here is SO amazed at her recovery this past week. She is doing so much better than was expected. I feel so blessed to have her here. She is such a fighter, her spirit is so strong. I know that she has Angels watching over her. You can see it in her countenance.

I feel the need to mention one of the families that is part of the Intermountain Healing Hearts support group that I belong to. Seth and Shannon Hossfield lost their son Charlie on Thursday. He was 9 months old, had HLHS and died unexpectedly. My heart goes out to them at this time, and I would really like to ask for some extra prayers in their direction as they struggle during this difficult time. I can only imagine how difficult it is for them and I just can't seem to get them off my mind..............


Mike & Rebecca said...

I'm glad to hear that Elaina seems to be doing as well as expected. Hopefully her extubation trial will go good and her throwing up will cease. We think of you guys all the time and continue to pray for Elaina's continued recovery.

Thoughts & Prayers,

Mike & Family

Vaeh's Blog said...

Praying that all goes well with her trials & they are able to get her off that vent! Its such a struggle to get them off at times, but she'll suprise them as she has with everything else!

Hope you are getting some rest & some Mommy & Ben time!


Vanessa said...

I'm praying the extubation is in the future and Elaina will do just fine. Take it one step at a time. She's proven to us she's a fighter already!

I'll be keeping your friends in my prayers. It's so hard when we lose our children to CHD's. I hope they find comfort in the fact that their baby is with Jesus.

Lots of love,