Sunday, June 15, 2008

Post Op Day 3 : Bedtime Update

Elaina's day was good, but uneventful. She wiggled a little bit, held my finger for a few minutes, and briefly opened her eyes. We are moving very slowly, but I think that it's for the best. So, no big changes, just lots and lots of loves. We got lots of visitors today. My Aunt Kathryn came, and then my Mom and Dad brought my Grandma to see Elaina. Then, after dinner my sister Liz and her husband John came to visit. As far as I know, no big changes are planned, just "slow and steady". We're gradually weaning her nitric oxide and the settings on her ventilator, her CO2 levels are still a problem, but she's being strong. I sure do love her lots!


Djinni said...

Slow baby steps moving forward is good. She has been through so-o much in so little time, she needs to take it easy. I'll continue to pray for a good recovery. She is such a sweet little baby, kiss her little head for me. Heart Hugs, Djinni

Christina said...

That is so interesting about the turtle. What a fun mascot to think of. I am glad to hear things are improving (even if it is slowly).

hugs & prayers,
Jacob's momma