Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Post Op Day 5 : Morning News

Elaina had a rough night, so they are not planning on closing her chest today. She is still having a tough time getting the right amount of oxygen. Her levels should be going up, but they are going down. The doctors are going to send her to Cath Lab today to see if they can re-wire the subclavian central line that was put in the day before surgery. Then they are going to inject some dye into the line to see if they can figure out what is going on with her pulmonary arteries, why they aren't giving her adequate blood flow. What they do next is undetermined. They might try to balloon something open if it's critical, or they might send her back to surgery tomorrow to see if one of her pulmonary arteries can be re-constructed or maybe put in an additional shunt. So, here we go back on our scary roller coaster. She is such a fighter, she's trying so hard to win this battle. What a little Heart Hero!
I'll update more as I get more information.


Djinni said...

I'm still praying for Elaina. What a battle, she has been through. I will be here whenever you need me. I'll come on Thursday to visit if that works out for you. Heart Hugs, Djinni

Vaeh's Blog said...

Continuing to pray that God's plan will play out. There may be many bumps in the road, but He is always in control! Stay strong & get some rest so that when she's well you'll be ready to chase after her!

Kristine said...

I'm Kristine...a new mom, living in Canada, 34 years old. Elaina is a fighter and your strength is amazing!

We were in a similar place (with our now 6 month old daughter Katie) a few months ago when she contracted bacterial meningitis. She had MANY serious complications and we know how difficult it is...you're in a bubble...all you see are hospital people, experience hospital fears, sleep in hospitals, eat in hospitals. I was shocked to realize how many little babies were so sick at children's hospitals every day while we go about our lives.

I DO know and I'm praying for little Elaina every night.

I tell Katie about her and I swear she smiles every time I mention her name. :)

Baker Family said...

I have a heart baby as well, I think of you often as we approach our own open heart surgery. I check you blog daily and am praying for the 3 of you!