Sunday, June 15, 2008

Post Op Day 3 : 11am Update

Elaina looks so GOOD to me this morning!!! They turned off her paralytics and she got rid of a bunch of fluids last night, so I can see "her" poking through the remaining swelling, tubes and wires. She wiggled a little bit for me this morning when I put moisturizer on her lips and tongue. I think she's still too sedated and in too much pain to open her eyes, but that little wiggle meant the world to me! The nurse told me that they will probably wait until Tuesday to close her chest, because they want to get her of the nitric first and wean her down a little bit more on the ventilator, so that she doesn't have more problems once her chest is closed. They did warn me that she will have about 12 hours worth of setbacks when they do close her chest, so they want me to be prepared.
Keep the prayers coming, they are working a miracle in this little one's life. Thank you all so much!


Vanessa said...

I know what you mean, having to look beyond the tubes & wires. She is such a little fighter.

Vaeh's Blog said...

Glad to hear that she's finally doing well! Gotta luv those diuretics! Praying that all goes well with closing her chest!