Friday, June 27, 2008

Sleepy Day

Not too much new to report today. They are letting Elaina have a rest day. They weaned her a little bit on her pain meds and sedations earlier, so it was decided to just let her "hang out" today and get used to the lesser amounts of medication. She isn't really very alert today. She does wake up when I talk to her and love on her, but then it's right back to sleep. The nurse practitioner said that she hasn't needed to give her any medications to counteract the effects of less pain medication and sedation. They did start Elaina on a new medication a few days ago. I've been trying to think of a good way to blog this, but to put it bluntly, she's on Viagra 4 times a day! HA! It is a vasodilator used for pediatric pulmonary hypertension and they used this to help wean her off the nitric oxide. It is administered through her NJ tube, so this is something that she can come home on! It made me laugh. Just think, I'll get to tease her about this when she's a teenager! :)
She still has a low grade fever today, still no answers as to why. Poor kiddo. No wonder all she wants to do is sleep. She has been throwing up some stomach acids today, so they put an NG with a suction in her other nostril to help keep her stomach empty. They also just wrote an order to restart her reflux meds, so hopefully that will help her as well. Anyway, she's sleeping soundly, so I'm going to give her some kisses and go home. My Dad just got here from Nebraska and he and Ben are waiting for me!
Thank you all again for all the kind thoughts and especially the prayers. I know that we are witnessing a miracle in our lives.
Hollie and Elaina (and Ben of course!)


Vaeh's Blog said...

Glad she's getting a day of rest, although I'm not sure how possible "rest" is in the hospital (lol). The fever is probably just that post op fever that a lot of kids get, especially since she has some 'new' parts. Her body sees them as foreign so it defends itself with a fever! What an amazing thing the human body is, isn't it?

As for the Viagra, Vaeh's room mate after her last open heart was on it for the exact same thing! They even restarted his post-op because he continued to have the pulmonary hypertension. His defect was "simply" a VSD ('simply' sounds kind of funny, huh?!)

Praying she continues on the path towards getting home soon!

BIG hugs! & lots of prayers!

Anderson Family said...

Oh you are so ready and need just a resting day! I'm so happy she is able to have them! I have been keeping you in our prayers and thoughts!
Thats to funny about her new med Viagra its funny what can be used for different things. :)
Have fun visiting with your dad!

Melynda and Family

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she's getting rest and doing well coming off the pain meds. Lots of our heart baby friends have been on Viagra It does sound funny. Evan didn't get it, but his lungs didn't take too much of a beating so he was off the nitric fairly quickly. I do think Evan had the post-op mild fever though.

I hope you have a nice day with your family today while Elaina rests!

Jill and Evan (TAPVR, PFO, PDA)

Fran said...

Hollie, I was shopping today and found something for Elaina. Please let me know where to send it! :)


Gourley Family said...

Another little heart girl is on Viagra that we know, and it is pretty funny. Whatever helps though! Glad things are going well!
Heart hugs,
Emily and Mike

Vanessa said...

I'm glad they gave her a day to rest. I had no idea they used Viagra for pulmonary hypertension..she's going to love hearing that story one day.

Thats awesome your Dad came down to be with you. Hope your having a peaceful weekend.

Lots of love,