Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Inevitable...

I didn't want it to happen. We tried our best to prevent it, but today Elaina was moved to the PICU. The main reason she's there is so that they can have her on a high flow nasal canula. All her other issues are the same as when she was on the floor, but Respiratory Therapy finally got their way. They really hated having her on the blender and "cheating" the system. I think that deep down, I knew it was inevitable. In all actuality, as I drove home tonight it was kind of nice to know that she had the 24/7 supervision of a NICU nurse. It probably helped ease my mind that one of my all time favorite NICU nurses, Stacey, is Elaina's nurse tonight. Stacey was on for a week straight during Elaina's last NICU stay, and was the most verbal about her seizures when they started. She "encouraged" the resident to listen to Mom (and her!) and order the EEG that confirmed her seizures. Needless to say, I left Elaina in good hands tonight! She had a fever again today, so still no word on a surgery date. Stacey told me that she has to be 48 hours without an elevated temperature before they'll put her on the surgery schedule, so we'll just wait. It's not like I can do anything to speed up the process. I have faith that everything happens in the Lord's time. I just keep praying that Elaina will get stronger each day as she nears her surgery. Thanks again to everyone that keeps her in their prayers.

Here are some pictures of her in her new digs, gotta love the PICU!!!!

All wrapped up after numerous failed attempts to put in an IV.

"Mom, please give me back my pacifier! I'm NOT going to smile."


Valerie said...

Poor Elaina bug! I'm glad though that you've got people there who are listening to you!

Vaeh's Blog said...

Yep, it stinks that she is back in the PICU. But like you said, at least she's getting round the clock attention! And all the difference when you know who's taking care of her.

Maybe its just me, but her color looked better in these latest photos. She was quite dusky looking in the last, so maybe the high flow cannula is doing the trick.

Praying that things go well, & God's timing continues to be perfect!

Abundance Master said...

A friend on myspace asked for prayers for your little angel. She is gorgous. I am sending angels to her. Many blessings Jessica

This is a photostory of my son. Believe she can make it she is amazing.