Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quick Update

I work in the mornings, so I can't get to the hospital to be with my sweet girl until this afternoon. I called the nurse this morning to check on Elaina. She still has a slight fever, so the echo will be unsedated. Phew! There is still confusion as to what is causing her fever. They were finally able to get all the wax out of her ears. By the way, they do this by putting Colase (a stool softener!) and a cotton ball into the ear canal. It dissolves the wax and the remnants stick to the cotton ball. Then they irrigate the ear canal with water and scrape out what's left behind. Anyway, once her ears were all cleaned out, they don't think it's an ear infection after all. There just wasn't any obvious inflamation. They think the redness they saw yesterday was just the wax and irritation from their efforts to clean her ears out. So we're back to square one with the fever. For all we know at this point it's just a random virus that they are not able to test for. No antibiotics, they don't want to create antibiotic resistance..... I will know more after I get up there today, and will try to post when I get home tonight.

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