Friday, May 16, 2008

Here we go again...

So, we're back at Primary Children's. I took Elaina to see her pediatrician today and there was some cause for concern. Her respiratory rate is extremely high, she's breathing 90+ breaths per minute. She should be in the 30-40 range. In addition to the fever she's had since last night, she's also been having periods of being really sweaty. This is one of the warning signs of congestive heart failure, so to be on the safe side we were admitted to Primary Children's for testing and observation. Luckily this time she got to ride in the back seat of my car, no helicopter today! We've been admitted into the Children's Unit and hope to stay there for the duration of this visit. If she gets worse they might have to put her back in the Pediatric ICU, but I'm hoping that they can stabilize her and keep her where she is now.
I snuck out to write this while they were attempting to draw her blood and do a couple other tests. I probably won't have any of the results until some time tomorrow. I will keep posting!

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Auntie Liz said...

I am so glad to hear her heart is okay. I sure hope those docs can figure out what's causing her all this trouble. Poor little lambkin. :( sending you HUGS. Hope to see you soon.