Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Preschool Graduation

Discovery Preschool Class of 2007-2008 Graduation took place tonight.

Ben announced that he is no longer a little boy. He has graduated, so now he is big. This is his preschool class. He's spent the last 2 years with this teacher and most of the students. It's going to be a difficult adjustment for him to not see them again.
He was so excited that he got to wear a "real" graduation hat. What a cutie. He wanted so desperately to be able to throw it in the air and shout "WooHoo!", but it was itchy under the chin so Teacher had them take the hats off early. They had a nice program and performed a bunch of the songs that they had been singing all year. This is Ben's friend Hailey. She was his dance partner for a couple of the songs. They had a whole wedding planned out earlier in the school year, but then decided that they were too young and had better wait until they were old enough. They thought 10 years old would be about the right time! How cute are they!?!

Okay, Elaina update time.

She's still just hanging out at the hospital. She's doing so well on the blended oxygen that she's not allowing them to wean her down. She starts to struggle once they go below 1 1/2 liters on the flow. Mixed with room air, she's only getting about 1/2 liter or a little less, but she really likes the flow. Our new resident talked with our Cardiologist today and they decided to have Elaina re-evaluated by Cardiology. The cardiology team looked at her the night she was admitted and didn't think that there was anything wrong from a heart standpoint at that time. Now they are wondering if her increased oxygen need might not be a respiratory problem after all, it could just possibly be her shunt not working properly because she's out growing it. They spent a couple of hours evaluating and looking at her this afternoon/evening and are going to do another echocardiogram on Wednesday. They are debating sending her to Cath lab a little early just to see how her shunt is working. She will have to go to Cath lab before her surgery, so they don't think that it will be a wasted trip. Still, I'm nervous. I think that any time they have to put your baby under anesthesia is worth getting nervous over..... I'll know more tomorrow, so I'll post again with updated information. There's no need to get worried before it's time!

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Vanessa said...

Congratulations Ben! I just love the wedding plans...too cute!

And Elaina...she is such a doll.