Saturday, May 17, 2008

Good News

Huge sigh of relief, it is NOT her heart. Cardiology came in last night and did an echocardiogram and and EKG and they said that her heart looks great. I am so glad. It's always a worry in the back of my mind..... They got back the results of her Viral Respiratory Panel and everything was negative, so no RSV, influenza, etc. We're still waiting on cultures to grow, but so far it's all coming back negative. She was started on an antibiotic just to be on the safe side. Maybe it's just a little cold after all! They have been able to control her respiratory rate by putting her on what's called a "blender". If I understand it correctly, this pulls in the room air as well as her oxygen and forces it in at a higher rate. Her resp rate was back to normal this morning at approx 30 breaths a minute. They've stopped her feeds for the moment until we can determine what's going on and they have her on IV. Her potassium levels were elevated last night, so they just adjusted her IV fluids to compensate. The doctors and nurses were in doing her work up until 2am, so I am exhausted this morning. I will update as I know more information!

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Anderson Family said...

Feewwww I'm so happy its not RSV! and that they have her breathing back down. Hope they find out what it is, just for a peace of mind for you.
Sending our love and prayers

Melynda, Sam, and Mariska