Friday, May 16, 2008

Going to the doctor

Elaina has had a low grade fever since last night, so we're off to the doctor. Her home nurse was here yesterday afternoon, and her temp was good and she said that her lungs sounded clear. (She weighs 10 lbs now!! - yay!!) Sweet baby looks like she doesn't feel good though. Her eyes are red and weepy and she is coughing and sneezing. Elaina still has some upper respiratory congestion (sinus, etc.) so I'm hoping it's not something that will send her back up to Primary Children's. Yesterday she was pulling at her face. She keeps trying to pull her oxygen out of her nose, not to mention her NG tube. I'm almost wondering if she doesn't have an ear infection. Maybe it will just be a normal baby thing instead of something major this time. On a good note, her feedings have been raised to 82 cc's (that's almost 3 oz) every 3 hours. She is still having problems keeping it down, so I'm going to be talking to the doctor about that today while I'm there. Wish us luck! I'll post again later once I know what's up!

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Anderson Family said...

Good luck today at the doctors! I hope its just some commen baby thing that can be cleared up really fast, who would thing we would wish for that, haha. She's begin such a good little eater, Mariska only eats 3-4 oz about every 4 hours. Shes on the right path now shes just got to keep it in her little tummy.
We're thinking and praying for you three.

Mariskas' Mommy