Thursday, October 02, 2008

Running Away...

Ben and I are off to Bear Lake! We're hoping to enjoy each other and get rejuvenated this weekend! It might be stormy on Saturday, but we'll try to get a little bit of lake time in on Friday then we'll be home on Sunday.

Elaina is just so precious. I spent last night with her and she was very interactive and playful. She got a new toy from her friend Mercydez (thanks Ashley!) and she loved it. We played with it for about 45 minutes before she lost interest. The physical therapist played with it this morning too, and she was just as excited about it. She was able to grasp it and she brought it to her mouth. The most exciting part was that she cooed! I was holding her and playing and singing to her, and she cooed at me!!!!! It was so beautiful! Up until now, the only noise she made was crying when she was unhappy. This was definitely a happy noise. It just made my day! Of course it also made it harder to leave her, but I am so pleased with how she's doing. I have lots more to share, but I'm outta time, so I'll post more when I get back from the lake!
See Ya!!!


Tina:0) said...

Just think, in no time she'll be telling you "no, Momma!" Sounds like she's making improvements every day!

Hope you & Ben have a nice, rejuvinating weekend!


Gourley Fam said...

You have been tagged!!! See my website for more info!!!

Vanessa said...

Hoe your having a good time! You'll have to get her cooing on video! :)