Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Little Miss Houdini Strikes Again!

Elaina was absolutely beautiful today! She was all dressed up in one of her hot pink dresses with a big flower in her headband. She was extra sweet and cuddly and made some really funny faces at me. She's found her tongue again and was actually smiling a big smile while sticking her tongue out as far as it would go. She wouldn't do it once I pulled out the camera, but I'll keep trying. She's starting to get a little bit ticklish, but hasn't quite figured out how to laugh yet. We played with some toys, sang some songs and I got in quite a few kisses (one is never enough!) during my visit.

When I got to South Davis today, Elaina was napping. She'd managed to wiggle out of one of her no-no's and was holding onto her oxygen cannula. I looked at the monitor, and her saturations were 81%! Not bad for having the oxygen out of her nose! While I was holding her, the alarm kept going off because she was as high as 89%! HOLY COW! She's doing this with a stuffy nose and a cough, I can't help but wonder what she'd be doing if she wasn't congested. Right now Cardiology doesn't want us to turn her oxygen any lower than 1 liter. At least those were the instructions that I was given before leaving Primary Children's. Although at that point, we felt that she was having a good day if she was 75% and didn't think that she'd ever truly sat over 80% on a regular basis. I'd been told that when she was 80% or higher, it was probably a false read on the pulse oximeter, and to be fair, that was most likely true at that time. But Elaina has been showing these high saturations for several days now, and I'm wondering if I should call her cardiologist and ask if it is still necessary for her to be on at least the 1 liter or if it can be turned down to 3/4 or 1/2 liter settings. We have a cardiology appointment on November 19, so I may just wait until then to ask, but it is so suprising to have her sats so high (for her!).

Anyway, my visit ended far to soon. They always do. :( I gave her some extra kisses, and put her back in her crib. The nurse was in the room, and I mentioned some concern about the tape (or lack of it, to be exact) on her NJ tube. I told her that I was worried about it getting pulled and she told me that she had re-taped it this morning and that it was quite secure. She was in the process of putting Elaina's no-no's back on as I left the room. I made my hour drive home, and no sooner had I given Ben his kiss and hug hello, and my phone rang. It was South Davis. The charge nurse was calling to let me know that my Sweet Little Miss Houdini had struck again. Somehow, she'd wiggled out of her no-no's and had pulled her NJ tube out of her nose. So, she had to take her 1st trip back to Primary Children's tonight to get her tube replaced. One of the nurses told me that she was so cute on the stretcher in her pink dress and big bow. She told me that Elaina was looking around and seemed excited to take her ride!! She's not back at South Davis yet, but they have been calling me with updates. The last I heard they were just waiting for the transport to come and take her back. Silly girl! She just doesn't understand that if she pulls it out, they've got to put it back in. In any case, I'm sure she enjoyed having no tube in her nose for the short amount of time that it was out.


The Portas said...

That's amazing about the high sats! GO ELAINA!

Yucky, a hospital trip, but at least she seemed to be enjoying the trip there. Hopefully she keeps that tube where it's supposed to be from now on!

The Hood's said...

She is a sneaky little thing! You better watch out, she's going to keep you on your toes! Sorry about the trip to PCMC, but at least she looked beautiful while going! Hope things continue to go well for you guys!

Stephanie said...

Great news about the sats! If I were you, I would definitely call the cardiologist about cutting the O2 down a bit. Then you'll have a couple of weeks before her next cardo visit to see how she does.

I don't know what your cardio will be looking for, but I did this with Ralph earlier this month. The sat monitor stopped going off at night, even when he wiggled out of the cannula. So I asked to cut the O2 from 1/2 to 1/4 a couple of weeks before the appointment to give his body time to adjust. His echo last Friday looked good, so we are staying with 1/4 liter for now.

I believe that she must be feeling better. Sick babies don't do such naughty things!

Kathy said...

Those are high sats considering...Isaac stayed at 60-70 for his first 8 months of life. AND...you should ask about the O2...our pulmo said it's not always good to have too much going in if it doesn't affect the sats..it could saturate the lungs. (go figure)

She just wanted to go for a car ride...tell her to just tell you next time!

Vanessa said...

Good job on the satting Elaina!

I do have a question though. Do they NOT want her satting higher than 80?

I would definintly call the cards and ask about the oxygen.

Silly girl for pulling out her tube. Guess she just wanted a ride. :)

Mami Adame said...

Aawwwww...she's looking cuter and cuter! I think she's just trying to take off the extra stuff so everyone can see just how cute she is! I love the video you posted before, so cute how she plays with her dress.
I'm sorry I've been a bad friend...I forgot I was suppose to get you info on G/J tube like ages ago! Are you still interested in it?

Mike and Rebecca said...

I'm so happy that Elaina's stats seem to be getting better. Sounds like she just enjoyed her trip to PCMC...maybe she planned this in advance? Cute girl!


Gourley Fam said...

LOL-she is a little houdini! Hope your Halloween was uneventful and always thinking about your family!
Heart hugs,