Friday, October 10, 2008

Double Tag

So, I've been tagged a couple of times in the last week, and I'm finally getting around to doing my tag post!

TAG #1
My friend Megan tagged me for a photo tag. You have to pick the photo from the fourth file and then the fourth photo.

This picture is of Elaina when she was in the hospital last spring. This was before her heart cath and all her surgeries.

TAG #2
I was tagged by both Megan and Emily for this one!

Random Facts about me:
#1 I lived in Paris France for 1 year when I was 13 years old, while my Dad was on a research sabbatical.
#2 I lived in Omaha Nebraska until I was 15 years old.
#3 I was a nanny in Philadelphia for 2 years after I graduated from High School. (1988-1990)
#4 I was 32 years old when Ben was born.
#5 I was widowed when I was 33 years old. Ben was 11 months old.
#6 I can honestly say that I was 37 when Elaina was born, she was born 1 hour before my birthday!
#7 I love to cook and bake! Soups are my favorite, and I love to make up my own recipes. I really enjoy baking and decorating cakes, I even made a wedding cake for one of my friends once!

Okay, I double tag: Brytten, Melynda, Kathy, Stephanie, Tina, Camille, and Aimee!
So hard to just choose 7! :) Have fun!


Tina:0) said...

Thanks for the tag:0) Its so fun learning different things about people!

Hope you, Ben & Elaina are doing well!

Lady said...

I still can't make chicken noodle soup as good as yours. I'm trying not to be all bitter and jealous about it. :)

Stephanie said...

Wow, I learned a lot about you today! Hope Elaina is settling in well.

Shel said...

Hi Hollie,

I have been lurking on your Blog for a long time now and have been rooting for Elaina the entire way. I think you are just an awesome inspiration in your strength. You have shown so much strength and character along this rocky journey. You have been so thoughtful of Ben and others. I truely admire you and I am so humbled by the journey you are on.


Gourley Fam said...

Love it!!!

carolyn q said...

So cool to learn fun things about you. HeHee. . I was 31 when I had Hope and also 37 when I had Cole. OH, they keep us young!!!

I will have to make a trip to see you guys next Saturday.