Saturday, September 20, 2008

To My Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday my darling Ben!!

We had a fun Birthday Celebration tonight at Chuck-E-Cheese. I loved taking you up to the hospital this morning to spend some time with your sister. We got to go shopping for your presents and spent the whole day with each other.
I'm so glad that your 6th Birthday was a fun one!

The last 6 years have just flown by....

1st Christmas 2002

4 months old

Halloween 2003 - 13 months old

Age 3

Filling Elaina's bears with your loves

We have been through so much together, the two of us. You've made me smile each and every day!

I love you SO very much!



Amber said...

OH MY GOODNESS! He was one of the most beautiful babies I have EVER seen! I love his baby hair...happy birthday beautiful boy! :0)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Ben. You are the best big brother!
Melissa Andrew - IHH

Auntie Liz said...

Happy Birthday, Ben! We hope you had a fun birthday party. You are growing up fast!

Hugs & kisses,
Auntie Liz and Uncle John

My Three Sons said...

Happy birthday Ben. You are such a great big brother. Your sister was celebrating from her bed as well!!! Hope you had a great day.
Hope you played lots of skee ball for me. That is always my favorite at Chuck E Cheese!

Tina:0) said...

Happy Birthday, Ben!! Looks like you had a great day! What a great big brother you are! Here's to many more happy birthdays!

The Portas said...

What an adorable little baby he was, and what a handsome young man he is turning into! What a sweet post. It looks his 6th birthday was a good one and I'm so happy for that. You're such a good mama and both of your kiddos are so super lucky to have you.

Happy birthday, Ben! Sending you lots of birthday hugs. xoxxoxo

Valerie said...

He's getting so big! Every time I look at him, I swear he's grown!

Loves to you both, and Elainabug!

ssbiasutti said...

Hey Hollie,
I was just thinking about you and Elaina. Happy late birthday to Ben. I hope everything is going okay. Let me know when you'll be at the hospital again. I miss you!
Love, Sara

Heather said...

We had a blast at your party! Hope you had a great birthday! The kids want to know what you named your Webkins.