Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Sickies

It started on Tuesday. Ben wasn't feeling well. I couldn't get him to eat any breakfast or lunch. He wouldn't get out of bed. Anyone that knows Ben knows that he never stays still, so when he's laying down in bed and not up and jumping all over the place, I know that something's wrong! Then he started throwing up. Poor kid couldn't keep anything down. I tried Gatorade, Sprite, water, and it all came back up. He was crying that he was thirsty, but nothing would stay in his tummy. I was up with him all that night. Finally at about 6am the puking stopped and he was able to get some rest. When he finally woke up on Wednesday he seemed to be just fine. His fever was gone, and he was back to his energetic self. I kept him home from school just to play it safe, but he's ready and raring to go today. That also meant that I didn't make it in to the hospital. I'm hoping that I can go today, I miss my little Bug. Because I haven't been up there for a couple of days I'm feeling a little bit lost. I'm not really sure what the plan is at the moment, but I know that she's doing well. Elaina is continuing her physical therapy and has only had 1 fever this week. The doctors are still working on getting her fluid balanced and on some minor electrolyte replacement. Otherwise it looks like we're getting closer and closer to being able to move to South Davis. I'd imagine that we'll be having a care conference in the next week or so....
Thanks for checking in on us! We love you all!
Hollie, Ben and Elaina


The Portas said...

Yucky for Ben!! I'm so glad he is feeling better. Throwing up is AWFUL, isn't it??

Praying for South Davis soon! That's great news that the fever has only come around once this week. Hang in there, you are doing such an awesome job. I have no idea how you take care of two kids in two separate locations! You must be wondermom. :)

Tina:0) said...

Glad Ben is feeling better! It stinks when your kids are sick!

Just think soon they'll be talking about her coming HOME!! You're such a strong woman to endure this, but just think how far you've come!

Kathy said...

Poor little Ben...hope it's all out of him!
Yeah...tell should tell you what the "plan" is .... GEEZ LOUISE!

Did you ever hear back from Stanford??

This is all so frustrating for me to read about...I can't imagine how you must feel!

You're doing great...dividing your time with the kids the best way you can...

carolyn q said...

Poor Ben,but I am glad he is back to feeling better. I feel for you having to deal with him being sick and then the worries of not being in the loop concerning Elaina. I figured something was going on since you hadn't posted for a few days.
Don't hesitate to call if I can help.

Auntie Liz said...

We've had a tummy bug at our house too. :( yucky

Hope you get lots of Elaina time this weekend. Sounds like she's making giant strides!