Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daxton Cook

I got the best news ever this morning! My friends the Cooks got a call at 2:25 this morning that their son Daxton got a heart!!!

He has been on the transplant list waiting since the end of June when his small body had 2 heart attacks! He was just one month old at the time. He and his family have been through so much during the past several months, and I just cannot express the overwhelming feelings that I have for them at this time. They are preparing to go into surgery within the next few hours. Please keep them in your prayers that all will go smoothly and that Daxton's body will accept this amazing gift. Please also keep the family that lost their child in your prayers. Pray that they will be comforted in their loss and that they will be blessed for giving the gift of life to other families.


p.s. I "hab a code in my node...." Well, I hope it's not a cold, just allergies... Anyway, I'm staying away from the hospital for a few days just to be on the safe side. I would hate to get anyone - especially the babies - sick. I hope to be there on Thursday for Elaina's 8 month birthday, but we'll have to see how today goes. I started feeling better yesterday as soon as it rained, which really makes me think it's allergies...... I'll update on Elaina later!


carolyn q said...

Okay, that's why there is no answer on the phone in Elaina's room. I have called yesterday and today.
I hope that you get feeling better so you can be back up with Elaina.

Heart Hugs,

Mindi said...

Such great news about Daxton! We met him during our stay and could not be happier for Hillary. Thank you for introducing yourself on our blog. It's nice to meet other families this way. Good luck with your sweet girl. I pray things will happen in the order best for her health and your sanity.


Vanessa said...

Daxton will be in my prayers.