Friday, September 26, 2008

Little Miss Houdini

Elaina is a very intelligent young lady. It has not taken her very long to figure out that, not only does she NOT like the no-no's, she can get out of them. It only takes her a couple of minutes to wiggle her arm free from the restraint. Once free from the no-no, she love to pull at (or pull out!) anything that she has decided doesn't belong. She pulled out her IV on Tuesday morning and got blood everywhere! Anyway, I just had to get it on video. I'd left the room for just a minute to get some ice water, and when I got back, this is what I found:

She really cracks me up.
We're still talking with Dr Murphy at South Davis, and if the infection on her leg continues to improve, we're looking at transferring to South Davis some time the beginning of next week.
Well, I've got to get Ben off to school and head up to the hospital to give some "huggles and buggles" (Ben's term!) to Miss Elaina!
Hollie, Ben and Elaina


Auntie Liz said...

she is a naughty little miss! She could be in her own "Little Miss No-No's" book. :)
So cute! Look how BIG she's getting! xoxoxoxo

Tina:0) said...

What a little stinker! Isn't it amazing how they can wiggle out of things so easily as if they were experts!

Praying that things will stay on course & you'll be outta there by this time next week.


Anderson Family said...

What a cutie - she is so smart - she knows what doesn't belong!!

We stopped by to see you last week after Carter's post-op appointment but you were at home with a sick Ben. Sorry we missed you.

Hopefully things will continue and you will be able to transition out of the hospital - that would be nice - how many days are you at now?

Kristi Anderson
Mom to Carter (VSD, ASD, PDA)

Mimi said...

awe poor thing. Even when she is sleeping she wants to rid herself of the tubes!

Aimee and Hardy said...

Wow, she really does know how to grab and get tangled in everything she's not supposed to pull on. Too smart for her own good.

Kathy said...

Is she doing that while she's asleep??

She's so much like Isaac...little STINKERS!!! There would be times where I'd have to put the no no's on him..and then put socks on his hands...and he'd eventually wiggle out of everything! They are amazing!

I hope that the transition to South Davis happens "as planned" this time...take care!