Friday, August 15, 2008

It's all good...

I left the hospital on Thursday, without Elaina, but it had been 2 weeks since I'd been home and seen my Ben. He's finally over his cold and I was in desperate need of hugs and kisses! I got home at about 4:00 and Ben and I snuggled up on my bed to watch a movie, and both of us fell asleep. I woke up at about 6:30 (I needed that nap!) and made him his favorite dinner, spaghetti. He woke me up bright and early this morning, but I went back to sleep for a little bit. We had a good day, it was so much fun to spend the day with him. He starts kindergarten on the 25th! I'm supposed to take him to his kindergarten assessment on the 20th. I guess his school is trying out a new program, all day kindergarten. I really hope that he gets chosen for the program. With as much time as Elaina takes, it would be nice for him to be at school all day. I took him school shopping this afternoon, I can't believe how big this kid is getting! He was so cute, he wanted me to buy all kinds of school supplies. I told him that we needed to wait for his teacher to give us a list, but he was having a super hard time not putting everything in sight into the shopping cart. Anyway, he's having a sleepover at his friend Sean's house tonight. He was super excited. It's kind of neat, Sean's mom Heather and I have been friends for about 23 years. Holy cow, I feel old!! I'm so grateful that our boys get along so well. It's super fun, especially for them. Poor Sean has 3 older sisters (who all adore Ben too!) and so he especially loves it when Ben comes to play!
Elaina had a good day today too! I didn't make it up to the hospital until shortly after 7pm. I was able to snuggle her for a little while before it was time for her bath and bedtime chest PT, suction, and medications. I am going to be one busy momma when I get home! The discharge planner talked with me today and everything is set for M-o-n-d-a-y! I, of course, am not going to fully believe it until we are in the car and on our way home, but everything is ready! I'm going to spend Saturday and half the day Sunday at the hospital, then go home Sunday (if I get the warm feeling from the docs...) and plan on coming back up on Monday morning to get out of here! We're getting closer! I really hope that this time it's for real!


Vaeh's Blog said...

Yep, you're gonna be on busy lady! I'm sure you're ready for that... you've taken every challenge 'by the horns' & run with it. I remember feeling very scared to bring Vaeh home after her first open heart. She had been at the hospital for 3 months & it was as if I had forgotten how to take care of her. Then you throw all the meds into the mix, the NJ tube, etc. But you just go into that "mommy-mode" & it all works out!

Praying that nothing causes another 'speed bump' & two days from now you are snuggling both of your kiddos in YOUR HOUSE!!!

((Big hugs))

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

I am glad that you got a little time away!! We learned never to say "Home" we always said we were going on a picnic or the zoo.

Gourley Family said...

Wow, that is amazing! We are praying for you. We will not have very many friends left on the PICU. Glad they are all getting home, but sad to not see all of our dear friends.
Prayers and Hugs,