Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doing Great!

Sorry for not posting for so long! I'm finally over this stupid sickness! It really knocked me down for a while! I think Ben might be starting to get it, so I'm keeping a really close eye on him. He was out on Monday with a super bad migraine headache and the pukies, seemed better on Tuesday, but started having a little bit of a runny nose today. I don't know what's up. Oh well, hopefully its just a little bit of allergies since we've had a couple of spring days here this week. Elaina is doing fantastic. She seems to be glad to be back at South Davis and settled right back into her routine well. She's once again being stingy with her smiles, at least for my camera! I was able to spend some time with her today, but the batteries on my camera are now dead so I'll have to share pictures on a later post. She's pretty much over her C-diff and has demonstrated that she can tolerate the continuous feeds very well. The only time that she's had problems is when the drip backs up and she gets a large volume quickly. They have her set up on the "Murphy Drip" still. Basically, her feeding pump is running continuously and dripping into a large bolus syringe. The syringe is attached to her G-tube, so her tummy is being vented (burped) at all times. They are doing this because the bi-pap machine that she is on at night is putting quite a bit of air into her tummy and the doctors don't want her tummy to expand quite that much yet, besides too much air gives her a tummy ache and that is just no fun. Her Nissen incision is healing nicely, and she didn't seem to be bothered when I touched it today to take a look. However, I think that her first little tooth is getting ready to come in, she's liking to "bite" my finger and anything else she can get into her mouth. She's had a couple of short low grade fevers that the nurses are attributing to teething, so we'll see when it finally comes in! Everyone thinks that she's looking really good and you can tell that she loves to have the no-no's gone. Sometimes she forgets that she can bend her elbows, and then when she remembers you can just see her eyes light up. She really enjoys interaction, she loved it when I played pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo with her. That's when I got the smiles. She also loves to be tickled, but I still haven't heard an actual laugh out of her. She's just quiet. I did get some coo's and grunts today, so I'm still hopeful that she'll begin to catch up and become more vocal. Anyway, so that's pretty much all the new news! I'm still busy as ever, working my 2 jobs (my 2nd one has slowed down a little, but that just gives me more opportunity to spend time with my kids!), being Mom and enjoying all the blessings in my life! I'm hoping to start the house hunt again next month and start getting moved up to Bountiful soon. That would just make life SO much easier!
Thanks for checking in on us!
Hollie, Ben and Elaina


The G Fam said...

Sounds like things are going really well! What a little sweetie!

The Portas said...

I'm going to start calling you WONDERMOM. You are beyond Supermom. :)

I'm so glad Elaina is settled back into her "home" at SD and doing well. I love hearing about her smiles and teeth and all the new fun things. I can't wait for more pictures!

I'm glad you are feeling sickness for Ben! Take care..xoxo

Mike and Rebecca said...

It's nice to hear things are all settled down. I enjoyed talking with you up @pcmc while doing the table. Sorry we didn't make by her room I soo wanted to see that cute little warrior. Keep Us posted and let me know if you need someone to vent to. Rebecca

The Hood's said...

So glad to see an update. I am so happy that little Elaina is healing and progressing! I hope that little Ben can avoid the gunk! Good luck with the house hunting and jobs! Let us know if we can help, we're here close to Bountiful! Take care!
Oh, our blog went private. I can't find your email to send you an invite. If your interested in one, let me know:

Tina:0) said...

Yay, Elaina!! Sooo glad that she's doing better.

As for the not making too much noise yet, Vaeh took a while too. They told us she had layrngomalacia, most likely from all the intubations. But once she started... look out!!

Jennie Mallon said...

I'm a friend of your Aunt Marney's. I follow your story because Marney told me about you and you are an inspiration to me. It is great to hear that your cutie pie Elaina is doing well. I pray for you and your family to continue to thrive. Jennie

carolyn q said...

Great to know that things are going mostly well. I hope Ben starts to feel better. I too have been fighting the cold/sinus issue this week and so I feel for him and for how you had been feeling.
I just don't know how you keep it all together, you amaze me!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the update. I'm so glad she is over the c-diff and is tolerating her feeds.

Now you get to deal with normal baby stuff like teething. Yuck!

She will be talking before you know it!

Kathy said...

You know...Isaac is quiet too. Never make a peep (and he's two next month). If we want a laugh, we have to hold him down and dig into those ribs! Maybe it's a digeorge thing??

I'm glad she's feeling better (and you too)...

take care of yourself and those cute babies!