Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Post Op Day 1

So Elaina is doing well today. We're still in the PICU and it's looking like tomorrow will be the earliest that we're moved to the floor. She had a pretty good night, no problems. They are trying to wean her off the morphine today and giver her Lortab. She's seems to really be struggling with the pain. She's had to have a morphine bolus twice to help her get through it. She was just given the 2nd one about 20 minutes ago so that she could tolerate a dressing change. The surgical nurse came to look at her g-tube and Elaina started crying, so we decided to wait to change the dressing until she was comfortable with the pain med. After her dressings are changed I get to hold her for the first time since surgery. Yay!
I will post again once I'm done with my snuggles!


carolyn q said...

Do you feel like you are back in the old stomping grounds? I hope that she will be able to be moved soon too. Let's not make it to long this time around okay?
Just wanted you to know that though I haven't been to active in posting. . .I still am concerned and think about you all the time!

Lady said...

Poor little lamb! :( It breaks my heart to hear that she's in so much pain. I'm glad she gets to have snuggles with Mom today.

All our love,
Liz & John

Christina said...

I hope you get some good snuggles today. I hope this will make a huge difference for your sweet little one.

Hugs & Prayers,