Monday, February 02, 2009

At The Hospital

Hi Everybody! This is Becky, I'm Hollie's little sister, and i'm here at the hospital for Elaina's nissen and g-tube surgery. Hollie asked me to post an update. We got here about 9:15 this morning, just a couple minutes before Elaina arrived. Hollie got to go behind the scenes with Elaina for the pre-op mumbo jumbo... and i sat in the hall... oh well. :) but what i've HEARD is that she's cleared for the surgery and we're just waiting for an operating room to open up. Apparently, the room that was scheduled for her needed to be used for an emergency surgery. So now we're waiting. Elaina is doing well, although a tiny bit fidgety/cranky because the poor thing hasn't had food since midnight. She's such a sweet little munchkin :) what a cutie! Thanks for reading, and I (or Hollie) will keep you updated throughout the day.
(((hugz))) Becky

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